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The steering and alignment systems of your car work together to give you a balanced, smooth drive. And when your steering and suspension is faulty or your wheels are misaligned, it can cause any number of problems. When your car is off-balance, you can experience shaking, trouble pulling to stops, difficulty going over speed bumps, and can even start to veer off to one side of the road, increasing your risk of accidents and collisions with other motorists. To prevent this from happening to your vehicle, make sure you come to the team at Autovantage Service Center for excellent suspension and alignment services in Auburn, CA. With the pros at Autovantage Service Center in your corner, you’ll get back on the road in no time! Come by today and let us show you why we’re the trusted auto shop in Auburn, CA!

Steering and Suspension Repair Auburn CA

During your steering and suspension service at Autovantage Service Center, we’ll go the extra mile to get you the maintenance you need, performing a complete and thorough inspection of your vehicle. Some of the parts of your steering system we’ll inspect include:

  • The front and rear end
  • Wheel bearings
  • Coil springs
  • Power steering
  • Power steering fluid
  • Shocks
  • Bushings
  • CV axles and joints
  • Struts
  • and much more!

After the inspection, our team of experts will be able to get you a full diagnostic of your steering system to get you the service you need to get you back on the road with ease! With our quality steering and suspension repair in Auburn, CA, drivers can rest assured that they’re getting the repairs and replacement parts they need to get their ride back into top-notch condition!

Wheel Alignment Auburn CA

When your wheels are misaligned, it can cause a roadblock in safe driving. But it can be difficult for new and experienced drivers alike to know exactly what to look out for to know when their wheel alignment is off. Ideally, you should have your alignment checked whenever you come in for regular service and maintenance to your vehicle, and always look out for uneven tire wear and when your ride drifts to one side of the road. To get the balance back into your ride, be sure to come see us at Autovantage Service Center for unmatched wheel alignment service in Auburn, CA!

Suspension and Alignments Near Me

To schedule an appointment for repairs to your steering and wheel alignment systems, feel free to give us a call, book online, or swing by Autovantage Service Center in Auburn, CA today! We look forward to servicing your ride!

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